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Sep - 2018
Aquacode proves 100% efficient to clear Pistachios from funghi. Read more/Read PDF

May - 2017
Aquacode install a non chemical ground breaking odor control system. Better results, less financial impact and a green solution. Read more

Oct - 2016

Sep - 2016
Isab Solutions AB new distributor for Aircode and Aquacodes products Read more

Nov - 2014
Coop has over eight months along with Matseco performed tests with Aircode™ and Aquacode™, particularly in glass bottles stations, and this has given very good results. Read more/Read PDF

Oct - 2014
Aquacode™ has been used for almost a year at Coop Forum Taby where staff now fully chosen to replace cleaning chemicals with Aquacode™ Read more/Read PDF

June - 2014
MIBA Miljöteknik new distributor for Aircode and Aquacodes products Read more

Sep- 2012
Aquacode are accepted to ICOMIA's Prefered Supplier Program. Read PDF

Jan - 2012
Roadracing star Filip Backlund and Matseco AB enters a long term partnership.

Nov - 2011
Oskar Olsson tells about Aqua4power and the positive impact that he experienced.Read PDF

Sep - 2011
100% result at Dental water line. Read PDF

Aug - 2010
Aqua 4 Power disinfection sold in 5 liter jars we wish you welcome to tomorrows water purification.

Aug - 2010
New revolutionary water treatment with Aquacode™ was introduced. More info coming soon.

July - 2010
Together with Expoclean Aircode breaks new ground in the supermarket hygiene.

Why use dangerous chemicals when there are safer more environmentally friendly alternatives?

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